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crypto  crypto 24 7. it's completelyPrice PUMP Before

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down in the description below is the new cheeky podcast a fantastic podcast keeping you up to date with everything crypto on your daily commute to the office so why not check those out if those are your bag as well okay guys let's waste no more time though let's jump into this brief technical analysis.

on ethereum so ethereum paired up with

usdt on the hourly chart and binance is the data source so following on fro yesterday's video it's kind of doing exactly as we would expect it to under these kind of low volumes and kind of slow weekend that we're kind of having here essentially it's the july uh weekend and the us obviously have the.

fourth of july and all that kind of

stuff going on and so essentially you kn ow it is quite slow in the crypto world at the moment we're seeing little pockets of volatility but nothing too major and essentially all you're really doing her is trading sideways in this little.

pattern now and we can obviously analyze

what this looks like and kind of give our thoughts i still think that we're heading up towards our wave 2 highs and this should be somewhere between 1130 and 1242 but it is being slower than w would expect and so you know i would still kind of say that we're probably going to end up with a little bit more.

volatility before we actually finally

break up into this wave 2 are a of course we have this little origin point just up here this is set at one thousand eight uh one thousand two hundred and eighty sorry um and essentially if the price was to move up higher than that it would invalidate our lowers uh lower lows right so we essentially would have to.

restructure this and it would mean that

essentially our corrective move upwards here has not yet finished okay and we'd have to look at this as a giant wave a for example this is a giant wave b low meaning that we then surge on up and go much higher into our wave c so what i'm going to do is i'm going to show you what that might.

look like now just to kind of keep us on

uh track here so that we know you know what to expect under certain circumstances so if i go ahead and just measure this distance right so the top here and the bottom down here okay we then go ahead and move this over to this current low just over this side it would show that we could move up to a.

theoretical 1445 under an abc structure or a wxy it's

just a three wave move basically so i would go ahead and draw an a wave here i'll draw a b wave down here and then we'd have that one potential scenario where we can move up higher okay i think this is not likely but we should put it out there as a possible scenario right the only way to prove that this isn't going to happen is to really come down.

here go down lower than 881 dollars okay

by dropping down lower than 881 dollars you invalidate this structure moving up higher and obviously the lower that the wave b goes the lower that the wave c will end up going as well okay and so we'll leave that out there for now it's a possible scenario um and what i will do is i'll actually just go ahead and.

just drop that on there so 1

42 dollars okay so we'll just leave that there okay so that's our one kind of bullish sentiment out of the way and if we actually take a look at the stochastic rsi it's mainly this daily that could drive it and right now it hasn't really got the momentum behind it but looking at bitcoin's momentum it.

probably could uh the eight hour has

some kind of momentum behind it we're overbought on the uh four hour we're oversold on the hourly so there's a lot

of stuff kind of going on from the

momentum indicator perspective um but essentially i think if anything uh what we've got here is a b wave and we are likely to move on up so let's go ahead and measure that distance if it will let me select this um we have this distance right here so this is basically just like a wave a for.

example we then go ahead and move this

over to the current low and then this indicates that we could move out towards  a 1151 dollars in a three wave structure okay a three wave structure is what i would expect to see here for our wave two okay so this could be the end of our wave two just down here at one thousand one hundred and fifty uh one dollars.

okay that puts us into our little yellow

box area um you know but it's not as deep as we would normally expect to see something but you know again it is in the range and so again it would be a valid at that point it has crossed would cross higher than our a wave and i think this is really where we then start to see the momentum shift back to the.

downside or we have our lower range so

after we have completed a wave 2 i would be expecting to see you know a wave one drop down uh hopefully lower than this area some kind of wave two bounce here some kind of wave three then wave fou and then a deeper move to the downside under a wave five all of which would be.

our wave five of a macro move let me

actually go ahead and clear some of thisup okay let me grab that move that andthen obviously you have this final  descent with a wave four up and then of wave five coming on down okay so none of those have really changed day on day here so we are still waiting to see how.

these kind of play out these are just

estimated targets and so our actual macro is between 700 and 800 and you know we're trying to refine this maybe towards somewhere in this range here between you know 7 11 and 754 dollars okay and but obviously as you can see here there's many moves that counter the trend and but the trend is.

very much to the downside okay we can't

argue that that is what's going on here and now the bare minimum of this entire move would just be the five wave drop and coming down on a one to one ratio i.e this is all corrective and it is not trend based okay now that's a possible scenario and again we'd have to measure the distance when we are having our.

third wave down to make sure that it is

in fact away three and not a wave c and so again we'll be measuring those kind of variables uh when we actually start to see the descent going down but for now we should be thinking upward direction we should be thinking just trying to push the price back up into this little yellow box area where we do.

estimate one thousand one hundred and

fifteen dollars now when i jump up into our daily view and we pull this back down and you can kind of see why we're thinking all of these moves right here we have a five wave drop and we have this bounce coming up higher here and we also have a five wave drop over here now uh when we have.

a five through f five three five

and this three wave move is to be expected that we are going to have another five wave drop move down now this is of course you know a little bit um you know shallow on on the side of what we would normally expect to see and so there's always the possibility it doesn't play out 100 as we would expect.

it to and but if i park this right here

you can kind of see that we were just down lower than 1.236 but nowhere near 1.618 okay and so although we've kind of got this structural moves and we can kind of see them here we should be very aware that there's a lower probability from a macro side that we are likely to pull back down um in those kind of.

significant ways alternatively of course

we could look at this entire thing here and think about this move right as a five wave move taking us down in towards that 700 to 800 range which would then put us on a 1.618 right so if i zoom out of here let me actually just go ahead and what i'll do is i'm just going to remove this um from the.

we i don't want the daily that's why let

me come up into our weekly okay here's the weekly so um so basically what we're looking at is look to complete this move down a little bit it could be starting this final descent down and here you can see from a weekly perspective a slightly different narrative on this um so let me grab that let me just pull this up pull.

that across here and here you actually

have hit that 1.618 right so when we were on the daily chart and we were taking a look at that we were not necessarily using the right anchor points for this and but that being said you know if we do start to see this pull back down we could have another nest somewhere in this daily chart for.

indicating more momentum to the downside

but on our weekly chart it's very very clear and it's very clear that we actually have a hit a 1.618 with a ver clear bounce coming up into wave two and then we're basically looking to kind of come back down uh and bounce up now this little fourth wave bounce is possible um but at the same time we could just.

ascend down into this low range here and

have this as our wave three we then bounce up higher into a wave four and our wave five comes down so these ar the things that we need to be really cautious on and that's kind of what we were talking about there on the daily chart briefly right and that wave three might not be done just yet and we have.

this little bounce here and then we're

pulling back down into another five wave drop and so essentially what we might have ended up with here is actually a five wave move inside our five wave a third wave structure we then bounce up and then we drop down again taking us down lower so i think we've got to be really cautious we don't know what's.

exactly going to happen um but we want

to be monitoring all of those wave structures and but based on bitcoin um i would say that between 700 and 800 seems to be the most logical area for reversal and if we were to see an extended drop to the downside bitcoin would also have to have its extended drop to the downside meaning that it would have to.

hit about 14 400 to be impulsive to the

downside on the macro scale and so for now that hasn't happened it's not forecasted to happen but if it does then we would expect many of these other altcoins ethereum um you know polka dot al goran cardano whatever it is and you would expect them to also follow suit and also drop down quite significantly.

at that time however do you know that

this would come after a significant bounce to the upside so we want to kind of hedge our bets a little bit here and we want to basically come in at the lows of let's say 700 to 800 assume that is the bottom right it up into the bounce and if that bounce does turn against us we jump back out and we jump back in.

later at least we've made some gains

before we actually find the bottom and we can accumulate once again at a later date and but guys i'm gonna leave the artecle on this note i'm not a financial advisor i cannot offer you financial advice all i can do is give you my thoughts and opinions on the data in the chats as i see it and talk about my

everything that we do here atartecle crypto with all that said done and out of the way i hope everyone has a fantastic day and i'll catch you all in the next one

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