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Hi and welcome back to CRYPTO V. crypto  and it's fantastic to have you back with us for another artecle and in today's artcole we're going to have a look at the crypto.

market we'll have a look at bitcoin a bit of a follow-up video to yesterday's artecole  that i put out questioning whethe the bottom was in there's an awful lot of influences saying that it is um my opinion is there isn't and i'm going to get into why i believe this we can sort.

appreciation mash up that like one right let's get down to the desktop and uh we start with coin market cap and the total market cap for all of crypto is under 900 billion now it's at 863 and a half billion dollars for the whole market of crypto and bitcoin is down 9.40 at 20 dollars and yes it's not looking uh like a a great market right now right and um i think that.

you know we're in the crypto v vebsite

reasons as to why i think the bottom's not in and i think the the first thing to to talk about would be the fact that um the fed is about to jack up interest rates um and that's what wall street's saying now you have to take a lot of what you read in the media with a pinch of salt because there's you know agendas behind a lot of it but you know i i really do think the you know the the.

fed becoming even more hawkish this week

has has really sort of um had a huge impact on on the market and i think we're seeing some of this being priced in as we speak so we might get a little bit of a bounce but we are expecting lower lows i think the other thing to to take into consideration is the fact that q2 earnings and guidance uh will become very negative and that starts in mid-july uh and you know in.

all honesty i don't think that we've seen the the pullbacks or the capitulation

that you know i've been expecting to to see so i think there's more uh downside now one thing that i would say is you know we shouldn't be trying to time the bottom of the market i just don't think tha that's you know what we should be doing i think if you look throughout histor uh the wealthiest people in the world they're not traders you know you you.

look at some of like uh you know jeff

bezos for example you know he had plenty of opportunities who have sold his amazon stock um and you know potentially benefit from you know not losing 80 to 90 of the value several times and you know if he had sold he probably wouldn't be the most wealthiest man on on the planet right um alongside several others i mean elon musk would be.

another example of the same thing here

right so you know traders um aren't necessarily the ones that you know have traded their way to the top and become the most wealthiest people in in the space so i think the point i'm trying to articulate really poorly here is the you know we shouldn't be trying to to get the bottom we're we're basically in an what i believe is going to become an accumulation phase right where.

you know generational level wealth

opportunities lie here right and uh just because we're going to see lower prices i always kind of say we should be you know laddering our way into to basically get the best prices possible um now i get everybody who's trying to make the most amount of money uh or get the most amount of crypto for their money i get that completely but you know you've got to you know weigh up.

the risks and the risks are that it

doesn't go as low as you're expecting and it bounces and then you can't get back in you can't get as much so i think you know it's just my opinion but you know it's definitely worth jumping in our discord or becoming a patreon member when we you know talk about you know a lot more of this stuff in in heaps more detail on our weekly amas and stuff like.

that with the patreon members so you

know do jump in if that's of interest but ultimately the fed obviously you know that this this information will be coming out shortly and i think it's one of those it's it's having an impact and i think you know the cost of living interest rates um all of this stuff energy prices is all having a negative impact on on the markets there's far less money to invest and the other thing.

to to also mention is you know

institutions are going to be selling off risk assets you know in these times and bitcoin unfortunately is going to be seen as probably the most riskiest in some of these hedge funds portfolios so it's going to be one of those that goes and we've got to look at this like don't be focused on the prices and we need to be focused on the fact that this is just.

you know a life-changing opportunity but

we are seeing a transfer of wealth happening right in front of our eyes and some of us don't even see it so you know lots going on um one of the things that i do want to sort of talk about is the elliott wave uh theory and uh stuff like this that that's happening in the wyk off um this again would indicate that we have you know maybe a little bit of a bounce.

and maybe we'll see that you know in the

in the coming days uh and then further downside so there are trade opportunities although you know i i'm saying just make sure that you understand the risks i think what i'm actually gonna do because it's not actually showing on the screen very well is it let me get that see if i can see that better there we go so you can kind of see that um it's gonna.

you know potentially bounce based on

this if it's accurate and then come down further right so ultimately you know are we gonna see this and this this would be our accumulation point and i think you know if this is lined up correctly we'd be looking at july as a month where we would start to see you know a a an upward sort of movement in the crypto space so again i thought this was a fantastic thing to just.

demonstrate and show to people now the

other thing that i want to to also talk about is the fact that you know although it feels really really bad right now actually if you zoom out and we say this quite a lot zoom out and you you will see actually it's it's not the biggest issue in the world when you you look here you know in the grand scheme of things it's not the biggest um you know pullback in in the world right.

so i think it's one of those to to be

really really wary of um and if we look here you know bitcoins down 65.8 percent uh ethereum is down 74.9 b down 67.8 cardano 85.4 xrp 90.9 and so on right this obviously shared by uh yeah i think it's it's clear that we need to be aware of these things um but ultimately you know crypto but for me is.

a huge opportunity i think it's an

opportunity um you know to change lives but we've got to understand that we shouldn't be focusing so much on the prices and trying to capture the bottom price um and laddering the dollar cost average and all these sorts of things are really what we should be focused on there's lots of you know influencers and people out there that you know would say you.

know now's not a good time to buy um i

think when you look back in 10 20 years  time you're not going to be bothered whether you spend you know two or three cent more um just my opinion but ultimately i i still understand why people are trying to to capture the bottom just you know understand the risks understand the the stress and the the impact on mental health whilst you're out of the market.

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