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Hello guys and welcome to cryptogems in today we're going to look at tbitx which promises to be the most reliable investments and futures trading a platform anywhere on the interne obviously nothing i say in this artecle is financial advice so always go away and do your own research before investing any of your own money without further ado let's jump into today's artecle okay.

you're doing so jumping down through you can see that they have all the major pairings in crypto but as well as that there's lots of other things available now in terms of as a trading platform this has lots of different things i loo for in trading platforms it's gotderivatives exchanges which is centered  on up to 100x leverage obviously i wouldn't advise that you go for 100x leverage especially if you're beginning out in crypto because that can evaporate your money very quickly if you make the.

wrong trades it's stable and reliable with 99.99 availability even in an extremely volatile market like we've been seeing in the past few days with the cryptocurrency market due to a lot of things happening with luna and the bitcoin price moving lower we've also got more secured trading accidental losses due to reasons such as extreme price bike slippage etc can also be covered which is obviously very good because in the past we've seen cryptos having huge dumps huge spikes etc which.

can catch people out as well as that there's 24 7 customer service support which is great you can see down here online support so just come across there and anyone there to help you out with any issues that you've got on the platform and you can see that there's a lot of different other things available we've got futures trading spot trading copy trading and t bittex earner we're going to look at all of those different features in this video right now there's also an app that you can download so you can keep up to date with all of the trades etc as you place them now there's a number of different features that this.

platform has that you might

 not find on other exchanges you can see all the cryptos scrolling across here so there's loads of different pairs that you can find to trade all your favorite cryptos will be listed down here your core advantages what sets t bittex apart from other crypto trading platforms is its unique features at provide optimal value creation opportunities with greater user inspired design to create an overall exceptional user experience separate position modes most features trading.

products only have two positions for one currency typically any new orders madehedging in the same direction will  automatically merge into either a long or a short position this means with cross positioning it is impossible for users to manage each individual order independently however you can see down below from the example that they have eos usdt perpetual orders and they have one two three of them in place you can see they have two of them as longs and then one of them is shorts obviously if things change direction and you want to change up your orders then it's going to be able to allow you to do all of these things at the same time most other crypto exchanges that you might have.

heard of out there if you open let's say an ethereum long position for let's say one ethereum and you want to add another one ethereum position but keep them separate what it's gonna do is it's gonna compile them both into a two ethereum position and then you can't really close out partial orders etc.

makes it a bit complicated it's nicer if you have them all sort of separated like you might have got traditionally in something like the mt4 platform if you've been trading forex and things before okay looking down to the tibitex features a trading benefit scheme that encourages users to trade while rewarding them in usdt through this program users can earn up to a thousand dollars a day or a hundred dollars a day based on their profits and losses so obviously it's going to pay you in terms of the trades et cetera you're taking like cashback options etc so some pretty cool stuff going on and you've also got.

reverse positioning full compensation program uh and various other things and if you have a need to get hold of the compensation then all you need to do is contact the customer support we looked at how to do that earlier on ver straightforward and simple now obviously the full compensation program which i talked about a little bit earlier very straightforward in order to apply just contact the online customer support we saw earlier the tab for it submit ticket wait for the team review once the team has verified the loss and then within 24 hours you should receive your refund.

whatever that might be so overall very responsible platform obviously they're interested in you making money because ultimately they make money when you are trading on their platform and they want you to keep making money because you then will continue trading and obviously if you don't continue trading that's not very good for them so once you've opene your account guys you can just literally click on assets you can come over here click on deposit you can buy crypto through the platform through various.

different methods if you want or just transfer in crypto from existing wallets or anything that you already have somewhere else now looking into the platform guys you've got kind of like the trading view integration here you can see charts by training view which allows you to use all of the tools the trading view has personally i still wil use a separate trading view because ultimately there's less stuff happening.

on the screen you can see this is quite busy but that's not necessarily a bad thing you've got all the pairs down th left-hand side so for example ethereum us dollar tether and we can see looking into the chart obviously ethereum pretty heavily down right now but we've got all the different options of how we would place our trades on the right-hand side okay so you can see down here you've got where you can place your orders so in terms of the types of trades you can choose the certain leverage that you want here is reset to.

100 so be very careful if you open an account that you're not going on 100 x leverage because that is pretty scary and it will wreck you very quickly at the moment you can see there's only 20 dollars in here but that's fine so i can see if i want to place an order ultimately if i want to buy the market at a price that's already being dictated right now which we can see for ethereum is 1947. then i would click on the amount that i want to buy let's just say i think ethereum is going to go up i want to buy at 0.1 now that's not live advice guys obviously don't go and make trade on ethereum when you see.

this artecle  because it's probably changed by the time it gets uploaded then you're just going to click on long and it's going to confirm all of the details of what you've got here leverage 10x so if i've got 0.1 ethereum at 10x that's going to end me in for a one ethereum position but you can see i've only got 20 dollars in so i don't really want to be trading at that because it will wreck me potentially very quickly you can see i can adjust the quantity etc here i've also got a limit order where i can create the price and ultimately then someone else can open that position whether it gets filled or.

not depends on the market movement if you don't know the difference between market orders and limit orders that's fine there's plenty of videos on youtube that are going to explain exactly how they all work but that's not really 100 what we're looking at right now now also there's other ways in which you can make money from this there's a referral link where you can get various bonuses etc coming over to the rewards page you can see that you can get a hundred and ten dollars for completing various tasks.

some of them are very straightforward some of them might take you a little bit more time but nothing particularly difficult you can also make money by referring friends etc if that's something you want to do in the future they have some very exciting things coming up like they have kind of managed accounts etc where you can put money in and allow someone else to manage it for you you also have the ability to do copy trading so the way that works is there's lots of experienced traders out there.

who are making good money and there's other ways in which they can make more money by allowing other people to copy them they might take sort of five or ten percent of profits that are made but you know 90 to 95 percent of profit that you might not have made on your own is pretty good stuff in my opinion basically what a copy trader does is it links your account to someone else's account they don't have access to your money don't worry but when they are placing trades your account will then.

copy that trade and then place that trade on your own account so every time that person is placing trades you'r going to copy them with the copy trader automatically which is amazing because ultimate is the best form of passive income because you can select different traders you can see how successful they've been and if they and themselves being very successful then perhaps usin the copy trader would be a great way for you to be able to make some money on the side and as well as that you can perhaps.

watch the way that they trade and learn a bit about trading from them in order to start developing your own trading game there's other cool things available on here like you've got trading courses you've got various analysis and stuff like that which is just going to help you improve your trading game there's also various of games and challenges and some fun things going on which you can go across and find out more about just through the link down below in the description now another cool feature about tbit x which actually you can't get on any other platform is that you're actually able to open trades that go.

against each other so i mentioned earlier that you could open various trades in terms of like long positions and multiple short positions that don't combine into one but you can also enter a long position and a short position at the same time now it's an interesting strategy and potentially you could make some money doing it by perhaps having a risk to reward ratio of like a two to one or a three to one where perhaps you literally set a long position and a short position and ultimately you're.

aiming for one of the take profits to get hit obviously one of the stop losses will get hit as well but you know i'm not necessarily going to recommend doing that because ultimately you could just sort of see a swing back and it could just knock out both stop losses but let's just see how you can do that uh looking at this chart here so we're gonna take a look at the btc usdt for that and you can see that looking down through we're gonna just do a position of 0.01 btc because obviously bitcoin at.

the moment is 29 000. so we've only got 20 available balance right now just to test out the platform so you can see i've opened a short position and i can also open a long position as well at th same time so we've now got a short position and a long position open which as i mentioned is a unique feature on this platform and something you won't see on many others coming across the twitter then guys you can see they have over 60 000 followers this is a fairly well established platform as you can.

imagine they also have various giveaways etc so by coming across to their twitter following them and retweeting sharing that information then maybe you get some bonuses if you're lucky enough to win various giveaways and they're also updating a little bit on what's happening in the crypto market right now extreme fear right now perhaps an interesting time to get involved in crypto if you're not already because right now i think it's a good time to buy not financial advice go away and do your own research just to recap guys tbtx is the most reliable futures trading platform for crypto with loads of upcoming features.

like copy trading and much much more it's a really cool platform with a really good interface that's

great for trading especially if you're a beginner and you're new to trading then make the most of the copy trading and stuff like that as well as that guys if you sign up through the link down below in the description there's a 10 to 20 bonus as a trial fund where you can go and use the platform and experience the platform for yourself as well as that there's 110 worth of rewards that you can pick up.

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