Microsoft and XRP have formed a partnership, according to Bill Gates! XRP To $40000! (From XRP Today)

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ill gates has announced partnership between microsoft and xrp xrp to forty thousand dollars when microsoft announced its project to launch its cloud blockchain platform back in november it showed the world that it is very positive about this technology technical strategy director marley gray said that since their proposal the response has been overwhelming and positive the team.

associated with consensus initially used only ethereum concepts to help with its launch however now the project is also using the ripple node to help with research  giving away 500 xrp at the end of the week one random subscriber will receive xrp coins take a look at the instructions in the comments section all you need to do is write the word xr watch the video to the end to like and subscribe

the initial announcement at the ethereum devkin event also included gray's announcement to the press about microsoft's initiative the project collaborating with the american company constanzwai will use the ethereum protocol implemented in its experiments with the azure platform a month after its soft launch at devkin gray informed the public about its current roadmap the azure blog says the two platforms are currently offered in the partner package one of them is ethereum and the other is.

ripple which the blog says azure bas currently uses the ripple verification node for the benefit of ripple banking users providing a valuable stakeholder in the consensus network marley gray microsoft director of technology strategy the microsoft director says they have several users testing the app saying we have several customers taking advantage of the blockchain platform as a service and an active stream of partners who are connecting gray believes that the azure platform.

provides tremendous value to its customer base innovating with these new technologies he says the value will be greatly appreciated by a fault tolerant and cheap ecosystem for mixing and matching technologies in the devtest sandbox the director says that all this greatly simplifies the deployment of hackathons and seminars dedicated to this architecture ripple is the second largest cryptocurrency market capitalization on coin market cap com with an estimate of more than 270.

million dollars the token is what they call a real-time gross settlement system and was released in 2012 under the name xrp ripple the protocol was originally conceived by ryan fuger but was renamed to new concepts from jed mccaleb of the e donkey network there has been a lot of controversy surrounding mccaleb and the centralization of ripple servers the implementation with microsoft azure shows signs that they are confident in the xrp product the director of.

technical strategies says we are exploring how the interledger protocol can be used by the azure enterprise and developer community to enable new and emerging use cases as part of microsoft's blockchain as a service offering marley gray microsoft director of technology strategy many in the crypto community are wondering if microsoft will ever integrate the bitcoin blockchain into its research the use of ethereum and ripple is now.

certainly being used by the azure cloud platform and gray is pleased with the progress gray states customers evaluate different implementations test performance and create prototypes much faster thanks to the one-click deployment of azure technology information about working with the microsoft azure initiative can be found on their blog with access to these virtual machines one thing is for sure research on blockchains continues in the laboratories of these tech giants skype.

a voice and artecle chat platform with more than 300 million users has announced that it is considering integrating cryptocurrency micropayments into its application this was a response to a message on the skype bulletin board the proposal which received more than 2 300 votes concerned the implementation of micropayments in the application in connection with the era of the internet.

of value user david oliver suggested that a community develop tip application nown as xrp tipbot be implemented in the application through its open api xrp tip bot is a tip app created by wheat say wind a member of the xrp community when it was first launched it supported sending tips to users on twitter and reddit for up to five xrp regardless of whether the recipient had a tip bot account or not the balance will be maintained until he or she creates an account to receive his or her.

xrp this caused a surge in microtransactions conducted using xrp and also contributed to the wider reduction of the coin among twitter users of the xrp community then the utility was expanded for use in discord telegram and microsoft outlook thanks to a third-party extension and i available in more than 40 languages the utility is also well suited for xrp since the cryptocurrency has a transaction confirmation time of only four seconds this prompted members of.

the xrp community to turn to skype urging the company to integrate it into its application which can be easily done through an open api skype has more than 300 million users and is an integral part of microsoft's corporate communications package along with slack and outlook moreover microsoft has already shown interest in cryptocurrencies by participating in the intercontinental exchange futures product known as backed he also has a service that is ripe for destruction by.

micro payments the skype credit system allows users to buy credits for international calls through the app this includes mobile and phone numbers on traditional networks a message on the bulletin board suggested that skype allow users to buy skype credits and send micro payments via skype chat using xrp tipbot dear skype the era of micropayments has come and we need your support the era of the internet of value is knocking on the door my idea is to implement micro payments.

in skype allow us to buy skype credits using xrp tipbot and also allow us to send micropayments via skype chat the poster also said that he was a developer who was familiar with microsoft products and had developed several tools for the xrp ledger in response the community manager from skype replied thank you for sharing this idea cryptocurrency micropayments sound really cool like any other leading technology company microsoft is already testing blockchain.

although i don't have any information about accepting cryptocurrency for skype or any other ms product please continue to support this idea i will share this with our teams the initiative gained momentum in the xrp community on twitter as more and more people demanded the implementation of micropayments in the chat app financial asset rating agency weiss ratings also tweeted that the move is well underway in the past he has also rated the currency highly in his reports.

pointing out reasons such as the speed of currency calculation after a massive drop last week the price of ripple is regaining its position in a long trend moreover bulls should outpace bears in the current market momentum last week was not a good trading week for ripple buyers as the xrp token recorded huge losses of 42 as a result the week closed below zero dollars 4255 is noteworthy that the token price has been steadily following a strong bearish trend all week dropping to zero.

dollars 4018 and then rising again to zero dollars 41.23 and stopping at this level for a week the current price of xrp for today you can see yourself on the screens and the trading volume for 24 hours is one two nine four four three six zero six five us dollars we are updating our xrp price in us dollars in real time xrp has dropped four eight percent in the last 24 hours do you think xrp will be able to win the court and restore its former price write the answers in the comments that's it for today.

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