the cryptocurrency market continues to grow

  1. the cryptocurrency market continues to grow rapidly in 2022 now boasting a valuation of over 1.3 trillion. dollars as the market grows more and more exciting projects can be launched and receive investor interest this leads to.the cryptocurrency market.

 that in mind this artecle  is going to show you the top 5 altcoins. 

that will explode in june 2022 so watch this artecole all the way through to the end so you don't miss out on anything hi cryptopreneurs what is your favorite crypto let us know in the comments like making crazy money with crypto.

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Let's go right to the topic 

[Music] without further ado. the most popular polka beginning We believe that polka starting will be the first cryptocurrency to boom. pokestarter is a blockchain platform that aims to make cross-chain token pools and auctions simple to use. It's most typically utilised by early-stage blockchain projects looking to acquire funds and disseminate their work quickly.

tokens at the same time through 

polkastarter blockchain projects can easily create their own cross-chain swap pools which allow them to securely raise funds while users can invest without risks since swaps are automatically executed by smart contracts pols is the native utility token of the polka starter platform and plays many roles in its ecosystem being used for liquidity.

mining governance paying transaction fees

 and gaining eligibility to participate in pols holder only pools polkastarter is first and foremost one of the biggestideo platforms that everyone is watching designed to help projects raise capital in a decentralized and interoperable environment almost every token that started on polkastarter was able to beat the odds and gain 10x or even 20x in value if you look at the pokestarter chart you'll see that it has lost 62

percent of its value in the last month but with.

. its ever increasing popularity and the fact that it is going from strength to strength it is definitely the project to have in your portfolio in june number two apecoin or ape if you're looking for the next big cryptocurrency with neem coin potential look no further than apecoin apecoin is an erc20 token closely linked to the most expensive nfts the board api club.

or bayc collection considered one.

 of the best nfts to buy bayc nfts have garnered incredible attention from a-list celebrities leading to too much hype when apecoin was released earlier this year although bayc's creators didn't even develop apecoin it has become the native token of the other side the metaverse platform launched by google apps aside from being used within this upcoming,

virtual world apecoin has

 also been implemented into other mobile games providing much needed use cases althoug the utility is still lacking for ape the coin can benefit from colossal community backing meaning it could be the next crypto to blow up this year so far this year the bayc ecosystem has rapidly grown from increased adoption by celebrities such as post malone and the.

ecosystem's purchase of the popular crypto 

punx collection adding extra information members of the bayc nft collection were notified that they were eligible to claim apecoin which is the cryptocurrency code of the bayc ecosystem apecoin is currently on the watch list of millions of investors globally given how vital hype is in the market there is no doubt that apoint has.

a lot of potential for good returns in 2022 

only time will tell whether this new token is worth your money but it is definitely worth considering in 2022 number three hex the third project on the list is hex hex is an erc20 token on the ethereum network hex uses the ethereum network for the transaction layer aka sending and receiving hex tokens as well as interacting with the hexmark contract.

the consensus code and staking mechanism

 are in the hex smart contract if we learn more about pulse and pulse x's release date this cryptocurrency could indicate that it is ready to explode hex is known to go in the opposite direction of bitcoin and remains true to its identity we would like to remind you that bitcoin has lost more than 50 and the overall crypto market is on the deadline.

When we look at the chart of hex right now

, we can see that it has fallen a long way from its all-time high to the level it is currently trading at, and if we go ahead and look at the chart, we can see that the all-time high was right around 50 cents, which is absolutely insane when you think about it, and then it went down to 12 cents, which is where it started a full return to the previous price of 34 cents for the pulsex sacrifice phase, which has

downward trend of the market as a whole

 on the other hand there are a few things to note about hex contrary to popular belief this cryptocurrency is able to survive the current market downturn in fact it may do even better in a bear market than in a bull market indeed if we take into account the price action in the past we also need to remember that hex has a strong community which just needs to build trust to get things back to normal.

number four terra luna classic tara luna as we all know

 has suffered a huge loss recently the massive luncy price pump is likely because the hashtag lunc is trending in the united states on twitter with over 40 1.5 k tweets for those part of the taraklona community who disagree with duquan and the new chain launch joining the luna classic side only makes sense one of the most popular proposals.

by the terra classic community is to burn

 as many lunc tokens as possible to lower the currently over inflated supplyof 6.5 trillion lunc tokens which can  significantly increase the unit price of each token the primary exchange currently burning a significant portion of value in c tokens is mexc which over the past three days managed to burn over 207 million lunc roughly 28k dollars worth of tokens while this may not seem like much if other exchanges follow suit and manage.

to burn a few billion tokens that could

 significantly impact the terra classic token circulation and reduce its supply to where the pricewould feel in effect number 5 is tara luna 2.0 one potential reason for luna's recent price increase is by nasa's maid 31 listing binance listed terra 2.0 in its innovation zone and open trading in the luna or usdt andluna busd pairs for those unfamiliar. 

with the finances innovation zone

 it is a dedicated trading section of the exchange where users can trade new tokens with increased market volatility and uncertainty users must agree to binance's terms of use to begin trading in the innovation zone and acknowledge that all tokens traded in this section could have a higher than normal risk of loss so far the top exchange in terms of.

trading volume for luna usdt is kucoin

 which accounts for more than 40 of the volume for the new token with a current 24 hour trading volume of more than 63 million dollars on the books q coin is followed by who will be global with 20 million and gate with 17 million in 24 hour volume for luna given that bitcoin and ethereum are showing slight bullish momentum it's no surprise that.

both luna tokens are also pumping 

terror classic is trading at the time of this  recording at one three 0.000136 three dollars with a 24 hour trading volume of 275 million and a market cap of 891 million tara luna 2.0 is currently trading at 6.44 with a 24 hour trading volume of 146 million and a market cap of 1.3 billion buying these two tokens is a big bet for the future but it's absolutely worth it.

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